TIU TOUR ATL - What did I sign up for?

As an introvert, the thought of joining a crowd in a park unified in sweat and slaying a workout seemed physically and emotionally precarious.  However, continuing a theme of self-care September, sometimes taking a risk and stepping out of the comfort zone is the exact prescription for soul nourishment. With a shoulder shrug and a mouse click, I bought a ticket to TIU Tour Atlanta.


Confession...I had never done a TIU workout and definitely had not tried a Jillian Michaels workout.  I mentioned this to a lovely friend who I knew was part of the TIU community and had caught up with her in London a few weeks prior.  She then kindly sent me links to videos that I watched on the morning of the event (in true fashion of a week where “life gets in the way”).  


First, Atlanta on the day of the event, why was it 90+ degrees in late September???  Brutal.  Luckily with the event taking place a mere 5 minute walk away, I sauntered down the Historic Fourth Ward Park.  Immediately upon entering the event, booths of TIU gear and vendors greeted the excited attendees.  At this point, I’m feeling a wee bit out of place, but I reminded myself, “this is why you came, embrace the challenge.”  


The vibe was positivity and empowerment all around and this was true of the all the women I met.  I can sincerely say that from the inspiration of the fierce event headliners to the budding friendships made, I left the event reminded of the importance of community and support of one another.  The workouts finished with a reminder by Katrina that every woman around each individual was going through something and that each was not alone.  I was reminded that in togetherness there is compassion.  I was struck by this and pondered how often unfortunately communities are defined by what separates us rather than what unites us.  There was a definite palpable feeling of compassion and unity in the TIU community for one another, as every woman there brought their best and literally sweated it out together on the park.  


What began as a mental challenge of overcoming my introvertedness and moved to legit physical challenges of the workouts, I finished with my mind more open and my soul challenged to be a little braver.  So much braver that while closing self-care September, I set the intention for open heart and mind October!  

Till next time, nomnom and om on. ST.

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